It’s been a few years since the release of Justin Lacroix‘s last cd, but it was well worth the wait. The bilingual folk-rock troubadour is used to the road, traveling across the country multiple times. While many Francophone artists from Western Canada have made their way to Montreal in hopes of advancing their career, Lacroix is part of a new breed of artists who are staying put and pushing their bilingual brand outside of Quebec. Lacroix not only captivates his audience with his songs and guitar playing, but draws them in with his stories and jovial personality.

Here’s an interview (in French) recorded in May 2014 in Winnipeg.

Lacroix’s new French EP, Tout dans ta tête [transl.: All In Your Head], consists of four tracks including the single Bottes de cowboy (see video below), which he released last February. For this opus, Lacroix is joined by Joël Perreault on banjo and guitars, Joel Couture on bass, Ivan Burke on drums and percussion, and Ariane Jean on harmonies.

Tout dans la tête track list:
1. Tout dans ta tête (2:49)
2. Bottes de cowboy (3:50)
3. Tout bas (4:01)
4. La vie est belle (3:02)

Facebook Page: Justin Lacroix Band
Twitter: @Justin_Lacroix


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