Vermont based neon pop band Madaila released an awesome little album in March titled The DanceTheir latest single “Trying To Be Heard” is here and we have the video premiere. The 9 track album is filled with feel good danceable tracks that meld 80s pop, r&b and a nice dose of synth as well. Frontman Mark Daly has that addicting sing along falsetto compared to the likes of Frank Ocean.

The full band is comprised of Mark Daly, Willoughby Morse, Eric B. Maier, Dan Ryan and Jer Coons. Madaila reminds me of Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. sans an extra singer and maybe a little less synth. Based on the pictures and videos of Madaila’s live sets, the vibe is going to be just as fun and awesome as Dale Jr. Jr. They both should totally tour together, that would be an awesome night. They both have upbeat addicting songs, and awesome videos, too.

Without further ado here is the video for “Trying To Be Heard” and a little mini album review as well. If you aren’t familiar with Madaila, get to know this talented and emerging neon pop band.

The Dance encompasses many styles and sounds throughout and besides all 9 tracks being upbeat and danceable, there is also a talented songwriter in the mix. There is actually an awesome lyric in “Trying To Be Heard” which could be tattoo worthy if you are into that kind of thing and it should be everyone’s life motto – “Well I’d rather die than to follow something other than my passions and dreams”. The video premiere track is memorable and by the looks of the video, would be a pretty great track to catch live.

“International Lover” sets the album off right with driving synths, beats and a soaring chorus introducing us to Daly’s awesome pitch. “Give Me All Your Love” is a danceable bass and synth driven track with a darker feel which sings of that relationship that you can’t help but going after even though it will probably end in disaster. The video is pretty epic with Daly being able to pull off that 80s neon and spandex vibe, too.  “I Know” has that 80s vibe with a nice bassline that sings about someone that makes a difference in your life and you can’t live without them. The video is pretty epic including some awesome acrobatics complemented by Daly and his signature dancing.

The title track “The Dance” is bass and synth heavy and does make you well, just want to dance. “The Ride” is a nice ride of 80s keys, bass and synth along with a few claps and lyrical words of wisdom like “Take into account that there comes a time when you need to let it go, join the ride, join the ride – even when it’s not what you had in mind, prove that you can see your life through.” “Golden Boy” is a nice synthy bass driven track that speaks about the expectations that some parents might put on their kids growing up. “I Don’t Want to Rest” is about finding that one love that we are all searching for in life with a nice chorus and well that voice…that soaring falsetto voice behind a myriad of keys, bass and guitar. “The Beat” is a quickly paced track with almost a bit of rap weaved in with high pitched chorus’ speaking of losing sleep over that special someone. This one has a nice and danceable beat throughout with a great guitar solo about 4 minutes in – this  could be classified as dance rock.

Madaila is right up my alley – I’m totally dating myself but I grew up with neon, spandex, the 80s and the idea of having fun and dancing. If you push play and listen to The Dance all the way through, head bopping will ensue. Not only does The Dance provide a nice set of poppy audible goodness, but the songwriting is also meaningful and memorable. We look forward to hearing more from this emerging pop band. If you dig The Dance, you can purchase it over on i-Tunes.




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