EllenbergBefore Twin Shadow turned more towards pop arrangements, he wrote brilliant songs that incorporated electronic, pop, R&B and even soul. The songs were stunning for the creativity and driving sound he perfected.

Taking up the mantle could very well be Ellenberg, the young musician currently based out of Liverpool, UK. Like Twin Shadow, he’s combined a number of genres together, but the music’s foundations are in electronic and synth. Six months ago, he burst on the scene with the moving “Platonic, that echoed in the new wave-era of Depeche Mode. He followed that up with the pulsating, euphoric “Between Cities”.

Ellenberg now returns with “Dust”, a lush, heartbreaking single. It could be a song about a love affair or about a reunion with a loved one who abandoned his child. Sonically, the music stirs a wave of emotions with the chorus of synths and keys colliding in the background. It’s a stellar track from a young artist with a tremendous future.

In addition to being on SoundCloud, “Dust” is featured on the June 5th Edition of The Weekend Showcase, a weekly playlist of new music from around the globe. This week, you’ll find 20 songs.


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