EspaWe’ve always said that there is a ton of great music out there, just floating around in the massive virtual world waiting to be discovered. Some did get noticed, but with today’s 140-character attention spans, the notoriety is often short lived for so many artists.

In November of last year, London-born, New York City resident Espa experienced this first hand. She received positive buzz for the release of her EP, 150th & Broadway, the location of her second home. The EP was innovative, combining R&B, electronic, jazz, and soul. What also stood out was Espa’s voice – sultry, soulful.

Seven months later, Espa returns with new music, although somewhat flying under the radar. Her latest singles retain the electric soul of her EP, yet are more moving and scintillating. “Pray for Me” with its melody changes and the suspenseful buzz layered throughout the track is particularly stunning.

Whereas “Pray for Me” uses the sea as the place of lost opportunities, “Orbit” looks to the stratosphere to discover oneself. The music also has an intergalactic feel, yet once again show the creativity of Espa, integrating multiple genres into a single track.

What not sure what’s next for the young artist, but we fully expect it to blow our minds once again. To get to know more about Espa, read this terrific interview Espa did with The 405 in November.

As you read the interview, take a listen to the June 5th Edition of The Weekend Showcase, a weekly playlist of new music from around the world that includes “Pray for Me”.


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