Lola MarshWe’ll say it now – Lola Marsh is on track to be one of 2015’s biggest surprises and successes of the year. With little fanfare entering 2015, the duo from Tel Aviv have seen their popularity steadily increase with each passing month. It began with the release of “Sirens”, a stirring track that was one half spaghetti Western and the other half had the haunting and dramatic beauty of Lana Del Rey. The brilliance of the song resulted in it receiving nearly 180,000 plays on SoundCloud and being a Hype Machine favorite.

Last week, Lola Marsh released a brand new song, “You’re Mine”. A combination of synth-pop, electro-pop, and indie-folk, the song is absolutely captivating with its smooth melodies, climatic finish, and the groveling but sexy vocals of Yael Shoshana Cohen. This “alt-folk” or “electric folk” tune has a chance to a hit.

The two songs are the first from their forthcoming album. No date has been set for its release, but Anova Music will have exclusive distribution rights.

Lola Marsh were originally founded by Gil Landau and Yael Shoshana Cohen, who met in university. They’ve been joined by Mati Gilad (bass), Rami Osservaser (guitar, piano), and Dekel Dvir (drums) to round out the band.

Hear “You’re Mine” on the June 5th Edition of The Weekend Showcase, which includes 20 total songs from around the globe.


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