Poema by Austin Lord PhotographyLately, we’ve been witnessing more and more artists opting to self-release their albums despite being signed to a major or an indie label. It’s an interesting pattern to see as artists seek to have more control over not just the writing and production of their music but also how it is marketed and distributed.

Sister duo Poema are the latest group to take this route. For the past five years, their music has been distributed through indie giant Tooth & Nail, but they will independently release their forthcoming EP, Pretty Speeches. Their latest single from the album is the lush but heartbreaking “Forget You in LA”. The sound integrates ’80s pop textures with contemporary dream-pop elements to give it a West Coast vibe a la Mazzy Starr.

Another single Poema have recently released, “Go Away”, adopts a similar approach, although it has flourishes of alt-country. However, it retains the silky smooth melodies and harmonies of the duo.

Pretty Speeches comes out Friday, July 10th. Get “Forget You in LA” now on iTunes. Poema are Elle & Shealeen Puckett, who are originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico but now are based in Nashville, Tennessee.

As you wait for the EP, hear “Forget You in LA” and 19 other singles on the June 5th Edition of The Weekend Showcase.


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