PostiljonenPostiljonen won’t be the first nor the last dream-pop band that comes from Sweden, which has produced dozens of artists and groups that special in haunting, lush, and atmospheric music. However, few do it as masterfully as Postiljonen. It’s not necessarily their ability to create dramatic and mesmerizing sounds, but rather their ability to integrate classical arrangements and instruments to develop a sound that it otherwordly and extraordinaire. Their music can be extremely simply, yet still dazzle like their life performance of “Supreme”. Or Postiljonen can go interstellar by using synths, keys, and an electric drum machine.

On their latest single, “Wait”, they combine both elements into a single track and the results are stunning. The song is a gorgeous, moving piece, and it demonstrates the maturation of a young band. On their debut album, Skyer, Postiljonen tended to lean towards the electronic and the songs just blew you away. But with “Wait”, which builds on the simplicity of their live shows, they have found that less is more. The harmonies of the trio are more prevalent, the melodies are lusher, and the music works in unison with all the elements.

If “Wait” is the appetizer to what is to come for Postiljonen, then the main course must be simply mind-blowing because “Wait” is breathtaking.

Postiljonen are Daniel Sjörs, Joel Nyström Holm, and Mia Brox.

Hear “Wait” and 19 other new singles from around the world on the June 5th Edition of The Weekend Showcase.


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