ThanksPortland, Oregon has one of the most vibrant music scenes not just in the US but in the world. With numerous festivals and several indie labels, the people of Portland have created an environment that nurtures the arts and music scene. Further fostering musicians is PDX Pop Now!, an annual indie-music festival that brings in acts from around the world while also showcasing the city’s best and brightest new artists.

This year, the festival will release a huge compilation – 42 tracks in all! – featuring local bands. The first single to be released is “Bad Tattoos” by Thanks. Formed in 2011, the sextet make soulful rock ‘n roll. It’s like the music of the ’80s, where the songs had meaning and an attitude, and Thanks personify these characteristics in spades. However, Thanks also have an infectious side, creating music that will have your head noodling, including on “Bad Tattoos”.

A year ago, Thanks released their debut album, Blood Sounds. The album is dark, a bit creepy, but exhilarating and engrossing. It’s the perfect Halloween album. Think Pat Benetar but darker and grittier. You can hear the record in its entirety on SoundCloud or get it on Bandcamp, iTunes, and Amazon.

Thanks are Jimi Hendrix (lead vocals); Noah Jay-Bonn (keys); Andrew Hanna (guitar); Lilly Maher (cello, vocals); Garrett Brown (bass); and Drew Sprouse (drums). The PDX Pop Now! compilation is out now, and it can be purchased here.

The June 5th Edition of The Weekend Showcase also features Thanks’ “Bad Tattoos” as well as 19 other singles from around the world.


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