TiiidalTiiidal is a pretty much a brand new band on the diverse and competitive New York indie scene. Composed of Andrew Smith (vocals, guitar); Jordan Taylor (vocals, guitar); Nadeem Salaam (bass, vocals); and Matthew Aidekman (drums, programming), the band started off, like most projects, as a hobby. During the past winter, the four spent a lot of time testing new sounds and recording music. One of the singles from those sessions is “Meridian”, Tiiidal’s debut single.

The song is melodic shoegaze at its best. It’s a little hazy, a little dreamy, and completely infectious from the start. The dual guitar work and vocals of Smith and Taylor add another layer to the song. The track is somewhere between My Bloody Valentine and A Place to Bury Strangers.

Tiiidal will be releasing more music in the coming months. We expect them to adopt the approach of one of our favorite bands, Misun, who started off releasing single after single before putting together an album. We wish Tiiidal the best of luck.

Tiiidal’s “Meridian” can be found on the June 5th Edition of The Weekend Showcase, a weekly playlist of new music from around the globe.


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