Wolffe by Eric Mooney PhotographyOne of the themes of this week’s Weekend Showcase is the number of bands and artists who have been “under-the-radar” for some time, playing in small venues but never having the platform to showcase their work. London-based singer, songwriter, and composer, Wølffe is one of those. While she has collaborated with several producers, including recently with Giants on “Falling” (see below), she hasn’t quite broken through.

This may all soon change with “Shoot You Down”, her debut original single. With a soulful voice akin to Adele, a style like Jessie Ware, and supported by the trippy, electronic tones of Noise Club (think similar to Matthew Dear), Wølffe has created a mesmerizing, sexy, and enticing number.

Wølffe has taken this sultry approach on her past works. In addition to her work with Giants, she recently covered Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home”. It’s a sublime, haunting number, taking the original to a more suspenseful, darker place.

No word on whether an EP or LP is in the works for Wølffe. When it drops, it likely won’t fly under the radar.

“Shoot You Down” is also onthe June 5th Edition of The Weekend Showcase, a playlist of 20 new singles from around the world.


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