World TourStockholm trio, World Tour, has been enchanting Swedish audiences for nearly five years with their electronic music – a hidden gem if you will. This past Tuesday, they released a brand new EP titled Owe You. The album sees the group take another step in its sound, incorporating more pop arrangements into their sound. The result is ethereal electro-pop.

The highlight is the title track, “Owe You”, which is absolutely sublime and something majestic to listen to. The dual vocals and the lush harmonies throughout the track keep the song at its crescendo for its entire six minutes.

“I Don’t Know What To Say” is similarly stunning. It’s an atmospheric track that entices the listener with its buzzing but restrained synths and hallowing sound.

Owe You can be heard in its entirety below. Pick it up on iTunes.

World Tour are Tobias Gerhardsson, Felix Hedberg and Merike Kjaergaard.

You can also hear “Owe You” on the June 5th Edition of The Weekend Showcase, a weekly playlist of new music from around the globe.

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