Today our Twitter Tuesday band is Weird. out of Rome Italy. The trio was formed back in 2011 and already have two LP releases, their debut album Desert Love For Lonely Graves and their most recent release from March of this year, A Long Period of Blindness that you can check out on Soundcloud.

The trio is comprised of Marco Barzetti (guitar and vocals), Massimiliano Pecci (drums) and Giovanni Romano (bass guitar). If you dig shoegaze (that has the perfect amount of reverb) with some psych influences, Weird. will be the perfect band for you.

We are quite impressed with this Italian trio, and we are sure when word gets out to the passionate shoegaze fan community, Weird. will be a much more well known band name in the coming year.

Luckily for us and their fans, you can download both albums digitally for free on bandcamp. They also have limited edition vinyl and CDs for sale along with a pretty cool t-shirt as well. If you dig Weird., the best thing you can do to support them is by liking them and following them on all their social channels and telling a friend.

If you are a band or artist and want to be included in the next edition of Twitter Tuesday, all you have to do is follow us @therevue.

We are sharing a couple of our favorite tracks from each album, but we highly recommend listening to both as they are two solid gaze albums that you will keep going back to. “Dark Was The Sky, Cold Was The Rain” and “The Moan” are both from their debut release. “The Sound Of Your Heartbreak” and “Infinite Decay” are both from their newest release, A Long Period of Blindness.



Facebook: Weird

Twitter: @weirdband


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