Today’s CoverBack Thursday is a synth driven cover of the 1996 release of “California” by Belinda Carlisle. no:carrier is an electro pop duo from Germany/San Francisco. The duo is made up of Chris Wirsig (keyboard, production, vocals) and Cynthia Wechselberger (vocals). The vocals on the track for “California” are guest vocals provided by Melissa Harding.

no:carrier, originally founded in 1995 in Germany, but active in its current line-up since 2001, never shied away from experimenting with sounds and emotions. After last year’s release of the critically acclaimed third album “Wisdom & Failure”, 2015 will be a busy year for the band whose lead singer Cynthia Wechselberger is still living in their native Germany, while songwriter/producer Chris Wirsig resides in Northern California.

With the recent release of their four track EP of covers titled Ghosts Of The West Coastthis version of “California” is one of the stand out cover tracks on the EP. It offers a nice synth based beat and provides a solid backdrop for Harding’s sultry voice.

Other cover tracks on the EP include a darker version of “The Boys of Summer” originally sang by Don Henley with guest vocals by Kalib DuArte . Another synth converted track is “Room With A View” by Tony Carey with guest vocals by Lauralee Brown. The EP ends with the very ethereal “She Moved Through The Fair ” which is an Irish traditional track and includes Enya like vocals from Wechselberger.

If you dig these covers and want to hear more from no:carrier, their release of last year’s Wisdom & Failure showcases Wechselberger’s strong and airy voice along with the solid production and composition skills of Wirsig. You can buy any of no:carrier’s tracks on i-Tunes.



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