Slim Loris is an indie rock quartet who is a fusion of modern pop sensibility, somber moods and 60s British invasion influence, the band have been steadily gaining popularity since their 2011 debut.

“Down” is the first single from their recently released album Love and Fear. It is a great first single which showcases their perfectly crafted melodies. The band is based out of Stockholm, Sweden and the line up is comprised of Mattias Cederstam (vocals, bass), Robert Barrefelt (guitars), Leon Lindström (backing vocals, guitars) and Jonas Ellenberg (drums).

Their album Love and Fear provides the perfect mix of indie rock with just enough pop and sing along choruses to reach a wide audience base. They are masters at creating a laid back yet inviting atmosphere in their songs. We feel once word gets out about Slim Loris, they will have a larger following in no time.

If you dig talented indie-pop-rock bands that can provide an entire album full of quality songs you can hit play and listen to all the way through, Slim Loris is for you.

We are sharing a couple of our other favorites from Love and Fear. You can purchase their newest album on bandcamp. “Higher” provides a little bit more of laid back vibe and “Violet Haze” showcases some of their 60s influences and solid lyrics as well.


Facebook: Slim Loris

Twitter: @slimloris

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