Atlas ft James ChatburnA newcomer to the Sydney music scene is Atlas, a young producer with a huge future and who approach reminds of another young producer we’ve featured in the past – Guiville. With trippy and hypnotic beats, Atlas knows how to take move the body and soul without over doing it with the dubs and beats.

Be a the sign of a really talented producer is the ability to adapt his sound to the performers he teams up with, which he has down on “Spinning Back”, a collaboration that features the soulful voice of James Chatburn. “Spinning Back” doesn’t come across as electronic even at the points where the synthesizers and electronics are played alone. Instead, it comes across as a neo-soul track, where Chatburn’s stunning vocals truly stand out (at times Chatburn sounds like Seal).

Atlas has also released some solo work, such as the three-track Originals, which sounds like a video game at times without stupefying the senses with little digital beeps and blips. Chatburn, meanwhile, continues to dabble in neo-soul and pop songs, such as on “Wait For The People”. These releases by the two musicians are quite different from their collaboration.

Atlas ft. James Chatburn‘s “Spinning Back” can be found on the June 12th edition of The Weekend Showcase, a weekly playlist featuring new music from around the world. This playlist is arguably the best one yet, so please take a listen and discover more great bands.

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