Color PaletteWe’ve profiled quite a few bands from the Washington, D.C. – Baltimore corridor, as that region has produced some of fantastic indie bands. Most people know about Beach House, but there are also bands like Misun (one of our favorites), Lower Dens, Drop Electric, Celebration, Shark Week, Blankus Larry, Paperhaus, and many more. Another one band to keep an eye (or ear) out is Color Palette.

A relative newcomer to the national and international scene, the quartet have released a brand new single, “Seventeen”, that should get them noticed by media and social media outlets across the globe. Echoing of ’90s-style electro-rock, the song dazzles the senses with its melodic undertones and the dramatic melody shifts. It’s a song that envelopes and embraces you on the one hand but then seems to push you away. This wave of emotions can be attributed to the joy and satisfaction felt in the music to the disappointment and sadness in the lyrics sung by frontman Jay Nemeyer. The to-and-fro nature of the song is quintessential ’90s, bringing us back to our youth!

No word on when and if the quartet will release an album, but we do know that they are working on some new material for release later this year.

Color Palette are Jay Nemeyer (vocals, guitar); Josh Hunter (guitar, key); Jack Leathers (keys); and Colin Kelly (drums)

Hear the terrific “Seventeen” on the equally awesome June 12th edition of The Weekend Showcase, a weekly playlist featuring new music from around the world.

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