FairchildWhy would anyone leave the sunny and beautiful shores of Australia’s Gold Coast for England’s industrial heartland of Manchester? Nothing against Manchester, but if you’ve been to the Gold Coast you’ll know what we mean. But then again, Manchester isn’t just a sprawling urban centre, but it’s also one of Europe’s preeminent music factories. The city has spawned the likes of Joy Division, New Order, Oasis, The Chemical Brothers, Buzzcocks, The Smiths, Morrissey, David Gray, The Bee Gees, and many more. As such, it’s understandable to find out that Australian sextet Fairchild recently made the long journey to the centre of England.

Despite the move, the band’s sound hasn’t changed. “Nom de Guerre”, which was released last week and will be part of a 7″ split single, is quintessential ’80s-inspired indie rock. The delayed guitar sound, the shimmering synth, and the driving melody recall the era when Tears for Fears, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, and INXS reigned the radio waves.

The second single, “Hot Rod”, just dropped on Wednesday. It’s a synth-driven, indie-rock song that still is ’80s-esque. It’s not a dance number by any means, but is a darker, pulsating, track. Whereas “Nom de Guerre” might draw you in, “Hot Rod” is punishing.

The split single comes out June 22 via Canvas Sounds. You can also check out Sadako, a six-song EP Fairchild released last year. It’s available in its entirety on SoundCloud. Find their music for sale on iTunes, Amazon, and eMusic.

Fairchild are Adam Lyons (vocals); Nathan Lyons (keyboard), Tim Voeten (guitar); Patrick Huerto (guitar); Tommy Davies (bass); and James Alexander (drums).

“Nom de Guerre” is one of 23 singles on the June 12th edition of The Weekend Showcase, a weekly playlist featuring new music from around the world. It’s a great soundtrack for your weekend (and maybe many weekends to come).


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