GoldbirdsIt’s not often you run into a band that just plays good, old-fashion rock ‘n roll that you would expect to hear in a saloon. The Goldbirds are, as such, a unique band. Sticking to classic instruments, the London quartet aren’t making thrashing, head-banging rock, but instead their music makes you move. Their latest single, “Giving Up” is a rip-roaring affair with the catchy riffs, the echoes of the keyboard, and the thumping of the rhythm section.

A couple of months ago, they released “Silver & Gold”. It has more of a southern- and blues rock feel, but it retains the high-energy, adrenalin-filled tempo of “Giving Up”. Hearing these two songs has us up off our chairs. Imagine hearing this band live? If you’re in the London area on June 16, you can do just that. Goldbirds will be performing at The Social, which is on Little Portland Street in the heart of London’s city centre core. Admission is free!

Goldbirds are Si Connelly, Hils Granger, Mike Brazier, and Earl Phillips.

Their latest single, “Giving Up”, can be found with 22 other songs on the June 12th edition of The Weekend Showcase, a weekly playlist featuring new music from around the world.


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