We honestly don’t know a whole lot about KYTES because everything that we could find was in German, and neither of us speak the language. We don’t like to cut-and-paste stuff, but in this case we don’t have a lot of choice. As such, we’ll let the band speak for themselves.

Take four lifelong friends, from multicultural backgrounds, put them together and add endless united energy, create a brave new sound that defines modern rock music, call them KYTES and yes here it is… something that is real…music that’s played. A band. The sound of KYTES has its roots in strong dance like beats, catchy guitar riffs and electronic sound beds. Vocals that take you by the hand, guide you to another place, bring you back safely, and then leave you with the feeling you need to ride the rollercoaster again, cost what it may. It is a return trip. Sound is colour, sound is art. KYTES paint with sound.

We do know that the Munich-based band dropped off the radar for a couple of years, maybe longer. They resurfaced about six weeks ago and surprised fans and new fans (like us!) with a brand new single. With a riveting and catchy melody, “Inner Cinema” is a euphoric indie-pop song that echoes of Paris super-band Phoenix. It’s a track made for the summer and outdoor parties, so get up and dance! Or if that doesn’t suit your fancy, imagine the splendid colours that you hear see and hear on this fantastic number.

KYTES are Michael Spieler (vocals, guitar); Timothy Lush (drums, vocals); Kerim Öke (guitar, synth); and Thomas Sedlacek (bass, synth).

Hear “Inner Cinema” on the awesome June 12th edition of The Weekend Showcase, a weekly playlist featuring new music from around the world.


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