We’ve read stories of bands being formed by accident and chance encounters, like at an open mic or just happen to be at the bar where the other person was performing. We haven’t heard a story quite like Strangeheart‘s, which involved a lot of good fortune despite one’s intoxication. We’ll let frontman Jeff Thompson describe it all.

Singer/songwriter Jeff Thompson started the project in early 2012 after the breakup of his San Francisco band, Young Digerati. Having moved to Los Angeles and playing gigs as a duo to no avail, Strangeheart dissipated into the abyss that was 2014. One night Thompson was driving the big coffee truck home from work and someone was parked in front of his garage. Thompson found the drunk guy who’s car it was at a party happening on the second floor. His name was Michael Carlito and he happened to be a guitar player. Thompson jammed with him the rest of the night and asked him to be in his band. Thus began the new incarnation of Strangeheart. The current lineup solidified when fellow barista Sarsten Noice joined the group on bass, and when they met drummer Justin Lenoir at the Alvarado House after hours party in Echo Park.

We don’t condone intoxication, but the story does show that things happen for a reason. Fortunately for us, this chance meeting has resulted in Strangeheart sharing “Doghouse”. Likely a song that the band members would relate to (and many men around the world), “Doghouse” is a catchy but gritty indie-rock song that echoes of the music coming out of the UK. It has touches of Muse, Arctic Monkeys, and Kaiser Chiefs. The single represents a bit of a departure from their previous songs, some of which leaned towards synth-pop and melodic, ’80s-style rock like on “Green Russian”, which is below.

Strangeheart will be releasing more music throughout the year. You can hear more of their previous works on SoundCloud.

“Doghouse” is streaming on the June 12th edition of The Weekend Showcase, a weekly playlist featuring new music from around the world. Check it out and let it be your playlist for the weekend.



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