The BenjeesFormed only a year ago, Brooklyn-based quartet The Benjees have emerged as one of the borough’s best live acts. With their sound ranging from rock to indie-rock to a fusion of soul, jazz, and rock, The Benjees concert could be anything from a heavy duty thrasher to a barn-burning dance show.

One of their earlier singles, “Hollywood”, is a sheer rocker. It an adrenalin-filled, infectious number that recalls a combination of the indie-rock styles of the Arctic Monkeys and the blazing blues-rock of The Black Keys.

Last month, the trio released a new single, “Wonder City”. It’s a mix of blues, soul, and rock. It’s a toe-tapping, hip-shaking number that shows the diversity and flexibility of the young band.

The Benjees are Ben, Joe, Graham, and Martin. Check out this emerging band.

You’ll find “Hollywood” on the June 12th edition of The Weekend Showcase, which might just be our best playlist to date.


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