We have no idea who We Are All Astronauts are other than that she/he/they are or have been based in Bristol, UK and Boston, Massachusetts. The one thing we do know is that their music matches the moniker. Every track they’ve released is seismic and heart-pounding. It’s dreamy, lush, and mind-bending. It wouldn’t be fair to label their music solely as ambient because it takes the listener to places well above the skies. Astro-electronic might be better or maybe we’ll just say brilliant.

No track of We Are All Astronauts best reflects the stunning quality than “Doves”, which they released last month. It takes a similar approach as Public Service Broadcasting in that the song includes the voice of an individual to add to the spatial and interstellar feel of “Doves”. As one person said on We Are All Astronauts’ Bandcamp page, “One of my favourite tracks of all time, an absolute powerhouse of genius on so many levels”. We happen to agree with that sentiment.

If you cannot get enough of We Are All Astronauts, we’ve included “Sleepless” below. You can also check out their Bandcamp page to hear more music and buy it. The songs are worth every penny.

The cataclysmic “Doves” on the equally awesome June 12th edition of The Weekend Showcase, a weekly playlist featuring new music from around the world.


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