Bedbugs’ Video Premiere

Today we’re pleased to help premiere the new video by newcomers Bedbugs. Whereas most bands would have an eponymous named album, the newcomers from Thousand Oaks, California have opted to name their first single after themselves. The video for “Bedbugs” is clearly a DIY project and one that not surprisingly is based on a crush and youthful romance. What’s kind of cool – whether intentional or not – is the band performing in a bedroom and in front of a closet to symbolize the area you would find bedbugs. And even cooler is the young woman rocking a Pink Floyd tank top.

The track itself is a catchy garage-pop track. The band incorporates its name in the quirky chorus line, “lying with bedbugs, lying with bedbugs”. It has a double entente – lying with someone (or something) that you just cannot be without and someone from whom you would like to have some distance.


Bedbugs’ Alone EP

BedbugsThe EP itself is entertaining. It’s a six-track album that focuses a lot about relationships and deep desires. The entire album, though, feels positive and upbeat despite the lyrics. Their garage pop-rock incorporates some of the surf pop and surf rock of southern California, as the album doesn’t necessarily rock out but eases with some summery, ocean-side melodies. You can stream the entire EP for free on SoundCloud. In addition to “Bedbugs”, “Orlando” and “Losers”, the two bookends of the EP, are below.

Bedbugs are guitarist and vocalist Alex Johnson, bassist Kevin Puckett, and drummer Kenzo Cardenas. The trio only formed about a year ago and their debut EP was released on May 26. Take a listen to this dynamic and emerging young band.

Check out their social media links for details of upcoming tour dates.

Facebook – Bedbugs
Twitter – @bedbugscrue
Instagram – bedbugscrue

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