Ever since we heard the first few tracks from their She’s A Witch EP, including the stellar track “Haunter” and then the first single, “She’s A Witch”, we took notice and realized Gengahr is a band to watch. They have now released their debut album, A Dream Outside. We take a listen to the new album and share our thoughts.

Gengahr is a quartet from London and comprised of Felix Bushe (frontman), John Victor (guitar), Hugh Schulte (bass) and Danny Ward (drums). Things have really taken off after pretty much being forced to change their name from Res to Gengahr. Their old band name was too close to an american rapper and their new name is a twist of spelling for their favorite pokemon, Gengar.

Their debut album does not disappoint. The album is very cohesive and  has a great flow of feel good harmonies along with subtle yet amazing guitar riffs. Bushe’s vocals are sweet yet serious and they reel you in with the first track “Dizzy Ghosts” that speaks of that relationship gone with nothing left behind but photos. “She’s a Witch” was the second single where the realization came that this band is talented and here to stay, especially with some quick and smart guitar work from Victor. The upbeat track amongst the darker lyrics prove that Gengahr can successfully construct an awesome track with a deeper meaning. “Heroine” is more of a love song with Felix singing, “Sure, you can be my heroine – all I ask is that you wait for me”.  With a bit of a 90s influence in this track, Victor really does showcase his talent toward the end. “Bathed in Light” is another track where Gengahr proves they can have a lovely shimmery sounding track with underlying and deeper vocals like the opening lyric “I try being nice but it’s only out of spite, The smug in your voice makes me vomit.“Where I Lie” is another example with darker lyrics of the monster inside and another one with smart guitar work by Victor.

“Dark Star” takes a trippy-reverby turn with a laid back vibe, heavy percussion and genius plucky guitar throughout. It’s almost somewhat of an instrumental with just a few echo-like vocals floating in the background where you can make out  the lyrics “carry me”. Kind of a curveball to the rest of the songs so far, but awesome nonetheless. “Embers” and “Powder” both have a psych influence reminiscent of Tame Impala throughout and they deliver that sound well. “Fill My Gums With Blood” is a track that speaks of love not being enough behind smart guitar work and almost a bit of some muted harmonies throughout until the very end.

“Lonely as a Shark” speaks about wanting another chance at a relationship that has ended with bright harmonies and the ever presence of John Victor proving his immense talent as a lead guitar player. The closer “Trampoline” almost has a 70s funk vibe underlying with ample psych reverb throughout and is a nice closer to the tight but smart 11 track album.

A Dream Outside provides a dreamy and harmonious indie rock album that you won’t soon forget. With a myriad of different sounds and influences woven throughout their debut album, Gengahr has easily crafted their own unique and magnetic sound and style that you can’t help from hitting repeat over and over again. All 11 tracks hover around the 3-4 minute mark which makes them mass-consumption friendly and also keeps the listener’s attention throughout.

We can’t wait to hear more from these lads and you can stream the full album over on Spotify or choose a few different options of purchasing the album including vinyl over at their website.


Website: www.gengahr.com

Facebook: Gengahr

Twitter: @gengahr

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