Bronx Cheerleader - Pell MellWe’re fans of St. Catharines, Ontario band Bronx Cheerleader for a number of reasons. First, they have a propensity to release new material about every 2 months, including “Mad Sam is Dead”, which we featured back in January. This keeps us on our toes and gives us something to look forward to every several weeks.

Second, no two songs sound the same. Here’s a young band that continues to experiment with different sounds and approaches, yet somehow they’re able to make the music accessible.

Third, they’re like their prohibitive underdogs – a band coming from a place that most people outside of Canada likely have never heard and one without the backing of a publicist let alone a record label. They personify what an indie band is in today’s competitive marketplace.

Earlier this week, Bronx Cheerleader released the psychedelic pop gem, “Pell Mell”. It’s a low-key, melodic number that is lush and airy and liable to cause to float aimlessly in one’s mind. The song is like a gentle breeze on a hot day, where every note is refreshing and calms the nerves. “Pell Mell” is just a brilliant single, which really isn’t that surprising given their previous work.

Bronx Cheerleader are Marshall Bureau (drums); Joe Lapinski (guitar, pedal steel); Eron Stroud (bass, keyboards, vocals); and Scott Warren (guitar, vocals). Follow the band’s SoundCloud account to learn when they’ll have new music.

Bronx Cheerleader’s “Pell Mell” is one of twenty new singles on the June 19th Edition of the Weekend Showcase, a weekly playlist featuring new music from around the world. Take a listen.

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