Dianas - Good Enough GirlRevolving around the duo harmonies of Caitlin Moloney and Nathalie Pavlovic, Dianas create music that resonates from the ’70s with a modern twist. Their lo-fi, jangle-pop is lush and dreamy, echoing of New York City wunderkind’s Real Estate. Their latest single, “Good Enough Girl”, is just a soothing and catchy song with a great build. Moloney’s and Pavlovic’s vocals play off one another extremely well, crossing over one another almost as if in conflict yet feeling cohesive.

Dianas can also create songs that make the heart race. On “1000 Years”, which they released earlier this year, they quicken the pace and create a dreamy, indie-pop number. It’s reminiscent of some of the stellar music produced by Portland, Oregon’s Blouse.

To hear more from the Perth, Australia band, check SoundCloud to hear their first two EPs, EP #1 and EP #2. Dianas’ music can also be purchased on Bandcamp.

Alternatively, hear Dianas’ “Good Enough Girl” on the June 19th Edition of the Weekend Showcase, which features twenty new singles from around the world.


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