Dim Sum High Love“High Love” is the latest single from Paris duo Dim Sum. The electro-pop song tickles with a disco pulse, and it’s a track that could played in all situations – on the beach, in a nightclub, in your kitchen. While the song nearly goes EDM at the 2:54 mark, the duo reins the beats way back and transitions to the groovy, scintillating sound. This is a song made for the hotter weather and could be on any summer soundtrack.

The duo has been mostly known for their remixes, which have received extensive play on all platforms. However, more recently, they’ve started to release new and original material. In addition to “High Love”, Dim Sum released the mid-tempo, gorgeous song “Un Jour”. This song is below.

Both of Dim Sum’s recent singles – “High Love” and “Un Jour” – are available on the little label Soundress.

You can also hear Dim Sum’s “High Love” on the June 19th Edition of the Weekend Showcase, which features twenty new singles from around the world.


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