FlyteFollowing the success of several singles and their Live EP, London quartet Flyte are getting ready to the next step towards stardom. Recently, they signed with Island Records, whose most famous client is U2, and to celebrate the occasion they will be releasing “Closer Together”. The single is a catchy, anthemic, indie-pop track. It’s a change in style for the band, as the song is louder and bolder than anything they’ve previously written.

Lyrically, though, it retains the introspective qualities of Flyte’s previous singles. But instead of describing a relationship, the song focuses on an experience, specifically living with other people in a small London flat. In the words of singer and guitarist Will Taylor:

If you work on something for longer than necessary, it can become overcomplicated and convoluted. If you spend too much time in someone else’s company you begin to resent them. This song came from living in tiny London flats crammed in with too many other people. From feeling claustrophobic and overly obsessive. “Closer Together” is a request to reconnect with someone by seeing them less.

“Closer Together” will be physically and digitally released on July 31st.

Flyte are Will Taylor, Nick Hill, Jon Supran, and Sam Berridge.

Flyte’s “Closer Together” can also be found on the June 19th Edition of the Weekend Showcase, a weekly playlist featuring new music from around the world.

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