Gerard SmithHow does an independent artist create a large following? First, making music that appeals to many is a start. The second way is to blitz social media, following as many people as possible and be gracious about them following back. Third, play in as many venues in one’s hometown, building a groundswell of support at the grassroots level. Such is the strategy of New York City’s Gerard Smith.

Part of the appeal of Smith is that he’s not your prototypical singer-songwriter from the Big Apple. His music isn’t indie rock, indie pop, or electronic. Rather, he leans more towards folk-rock and folk, music that cuts across multiple generations and that everyone enjoys at one moment or another.

In April, Gerard Smith released his debut EP, Odessa. It’s romantic and gentle at times, such as on “Brazil”, and an enjoyable, toe-tapping rocker such as on the title track. Every song, though, is largely personal and introspective, where Smith shares own experiences that many could relate to. His ability to connect with his audience is a big reason for his growing popularity.

Hear Gerard Smith’s music on his SoundCloud page. The EP, Odessa, can be purchased on iTunes.

“Odessa” can also be found on the June 19th Edition of the Weekend Showcase, a weekly playlist of new music from around the world.


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