Jessie JonesIt’s always interesting to hear what a musician would sound like when she takes on a side project away from her main band. Will the musician take on the sounds of his band or opt for something completely different? Jessie Jones, who fronts the on-again, off-again alternative rock band Feeding People and is also a member of psychedelic rockers Death Valley Girls, has opted to expand her horizons towards the pop genre.

Set to release her self-titled debut album, Jones has shared the first single, “Sugar Coated”. It’s a delightful little tune that starts off with a twangy note before rising to its catchy and poppy chorus and melody. It’s a much different sound from the in-the-your-face, gritty styles of her other bands. But like Feeding People and Death Valley Girls, Jones knows how to put together a catchy hook in order to draw the listener in while her innocent voice captivates.

Jessie Jones’ self-titled debut can be pre-ordered right now on Burger Records’ online store. The album drops July 24.

You can also find “Sugar Coated” on the June 19th Edition of the Weekend Showcase, a weekly playlist of new music from around the world.


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