Kalle MattsonOriginally from Sault Ste. Marie and now based in Ottawa, singer-songwriter Kalle Mattson has established a reputation as one of Canada’s rising young stars. With his poignant songwriting and fine guitar skills, his indie-folk and folk-rock approach are reminiscent of another, underrated musician – Zachary Cale.

Coming off a stellar 2014 that saw Kalle Mattson nominated for the Polaris Music Prize, the top award given to the best Canadian indie album of the year, and a successful tour in Europe, Mattson returns with a brand new single, “A Long Time Ago”. It’s a slightly different sound that we’ve come to associate with Mattson, as he takes a more expansive approach to create more of a dream-folk sound. The song, as such, is haunting yet dreamy, especially during the ending crescendo.

“A Long Time Ago” is the first song from Mattson’s forthcoming EP, Avalanche. It drops August 21 via Home Music Co.

If you missed listening to his brilliant 2014 album, Someday, The Moon Will Be Gold, hear it on SoundCloud. Purchase Kalle Mattson’s music on Bandcamp.

“A Long Time Ago” is one 19 songs featured on the June 19th Edition of the Weekend Showcase, a weekly playlist of new music from around the world.

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