True NoirPlenty of bands recently have established huge followings even before releasing an album. One of the more recent examples is Wolf Alice, who made their spiraling indie rock into a huge success. Following in their footsteps is Brighton, UK quartet True Noir. While there are similarities in sound to Wolf Alice as well as Daughter, True Noir take a more of a late-80s, arena pop-rock approach.

On their debut single, “Creation” (dark indie-pop), the band leads with a deep percussion sounds of Dan Cook and bass lines of Robin Clark that could fill a huge space. The rhythm section is supported by the delayed guitar flicks of Jan Parkins. But meshing the sounds together is the wonderful vocals of Megan Rees, whose voice just explodes at just the right moments and creates a sense of euphoria. “Creation” is one of the most remarkable debut singles to come around in some time, which only raises expectations for what is next for True Noir.

As you wait for their next single, take a listen to the June 19th Edition of the Weekend Showcase, which includes True Noir’s “Creation” and 19 other songs from around the world.

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