Verite by Eric Ryan AndersonKelsey Byrne’s story is a familiar one for many musicians around the planet. For years, she toiled in odd jobs, including as a waitress while writing and performing music on the side. Eventually, she decided to just focus all her energies into singing and songwriting. The result is a growing popularity, as the young New York City resident has crafted engaging pop and electro-pop music that appeals to people of many ages.

Last week, she released her second EP, Sentiment, under the moniker VÉRITÉ. The album contains four moving pop songs, including the dance-focused, electro-pop song, “Wasteland”. However, the record also shows the versatility of VÉRITÉ, creating thoughtful and emotional numbers. The best of the lot is “Rearrange”, a mid-tempo, groovy track that eases the beats while allowing Byrne’s voice to shine through. The result is a song that is more intimate and engaging.

Sentiments is available in its entirety below. Her first EP, Echo, which was released last fall, can be found on SoundCloud. To learn more about Byrne / VÉRITÉ, read her interview with Time magazine. 

VÉRITÉ’s “Rearrange” is one of twenty new singles on the June 19th Edition of the Weekend Showcase, a weekly playlist featuring new music from around the world.


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