VisitorsLast month, Los Angeles quartet Visitors released their new EP, Signs of Life, five songs of indie and southern rock. From the record is the brilliant and roaring “Love to Burn”. With a touch of a spaghetti western, a dash of country, and a whole lot of old fashion rock ‘n roll, “Love to Burn” just soars for most of its four minutes. It’s mind-blowing good.

The rest of the EP is a mix of high-energy rockers and more subdued jaunts. The most interesting part of the album is the band’s storytelling. Unlike many musicians and bands, Visitors are telling both introspective stories as well as stories that are fantasy or fictional. While the band hasn’t come forth to say it, you can hear a bit of Radiohead, who have perfected telling stories about everyone and anything.

The entire EP can be heard on SoundCloud, each track can be downloaded for free!

You can also find Visitor’s “Love to Burn” on the June 19th Edition of the Weekend Showcase, a weekly playlist featuring new music from around the world.

Visitors are Jason Forman, Joe Zizzo, Jeremy Arambulo, and Loren McNames.

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