MYZICAFor the past six months, MYZICA have been slowly releasing singles, including “Wait Just A Minute”, which caught our attention back in April. These early singles have been brought together under the Nashville duo’s eponymous debut EP. With MYZICA, producer Micah Tawlks and singer Isaaca Byrd have created a little gem of a synth-pop album that has traces of the ’80s to contemporary indie-pop.

The EP starts off with a bang and fittingly with the MYZICA’s first single, “Ready or Not”, which they released early in 2015. The song has the infectious, dance quality of CHVRCHES. That’s followed by “Wait Just A Minute”, an ’80s-inspired track that also has elements of Swedish pop sensation Robyn.

“We Started A Fire” continues down the nostalgic road. Like many ’80s power-pop tunes, the song is one of wanting and infatuation played to a catchy, swaying synth beat and complemented by a guitar solo in the middle of the song. “Believer” slows things down. It’s the most introspective song on the EP, where Byrd sings about rediscovering her faith and the importance of faith. It’s an interesting addition given the album’s first three songs focus on love and relationships.

The album ends with a really cool remix of “Wait Just A Minute”. It’s a more lush and romantic version than the original. There is a great sense of desperation and desire on the remix. It leaves you with the feeling of being inside an ’80s, coming-of-age movie, where the main character doesn’t get the last dance with the prom queen but finds true love anyway. And after listening to MYZICA, you just might find a new band to love.

MYZICA is available now via Peptalk Records. Get the EP at the label’s store, iTunes, Amazon, and eMusic. Hear the entire album below or check it out on SoundCloud.

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