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The Unravelling – “Revolt”


The Unravelling is for all of you fans out there that love the likes of Tool, Nine Inch Nails and the much underrated Porcupine Tree. In 2010 the Calgary based duo comprised of Gustavo de Beauville and Steve Moore released 13 Arcane Hymns which was well received in the heavy metal/rock world. After taking a hiatus due to vocalist Steve Moore being diagnosed with cancer in 2011, he is fully recovered and they are now back with a new heavy hitting single.

Their new single “Revolt” is over four minutes of screaming guitar, vocals and synth. The lyrics to “Revolt” convey a rejection of the false and a need for inner change. If you have an appetite for the heavier side or rock, The Unravelling will not disappoint. Check out their Facebook page as they will have more new material soon.



Website: www.theunravellingband.com

Facebook: The Unravelling

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