The November Takeback is a perfect example of why Twitter Tuesday is a weekly staple at The Revue. The main point is to find a band or artist that deserves to be written about and to gain more exposure. The only thing we currently have for The November Takeback is one track on Soundcloud and the audio upload on youtube. With “Heavy Wings” being the only music released so far, it is a promising start.

One of my favorite bands is Jimmy Eat World, and “Heavy Wings” reminds me a bit of them with the structure of the song and the emo-tinged lyrics. The November Takeback is a solo project of Chris Diana which is the only information shared on the website in the “about” section.

It will be interesting to hear if there will be more to come, and we will definitely be keeping our eye out on The November Takeback. If you are a band or artist that would like to be considered for Twitter Tuesday, just go follow us @therevue on twitter.



Facebook: The November Takeback

Twitter: @thenovtakeback


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