Beirut's video for No No No

If it seems like you haven’t heard anything new from indie-folk band Beirut in a long time, you’re right, we haven’t. It’s been almost four years since The Rip Tide was released.  On June 1st, however, Beirut announced they will be releasing a new record, No No No, on September 11th 2015.  Since then, they teased fans with stills from the video for the title track, “No No No”. The video ended up being a silly affair featuring horn players playing a literal loaf of bread, and a skunk, someone painting in the background, and a cardboard bass smash.  The song itself is a great track led by some simple organ chords and a marching drumbeat. It’s a continued evolution from the band, and we’re excited to hear what else Beirut has in store for us on No No No.

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Watch the video for Beirut’s No No No below:

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