Veiila - Chrysalis EPWe are extremely privileged to premiere VEiiLA‘s debut EP, Chrysalis. But first, just who is VEiiLA?

The birth of VEiiLA is a fascinating one, and a story about how decisions and some good luck can lead to something spectacular and life-changing. While we often to read about stories of individuals moving to the big city to realize their music dreams, very few likely have traveled the roads that Vif Nüte did.

Born in the Kamchatka region of Russia’s Far East, which has the highest concentration of active volcanoes in the world and is part of the “Ring of Fire”, Nüte spent her time living among the Itelmen (Russia’s Aboriginal population) as well as Chinese and Korean immigrants and scientists, geologists, and volcanologists who inhabited the area. It was the exposure to these cultures that opened Nüte’s mind of the world beyond the lush forests, the fire, and the ash.

At 17, she embarked on a cross-continental journey, traveling more than 9300 kilometers (nearly 5800 miles) to reach Russia’s cultural center, Saint Petersburg. One evening, she was invited to attend a party and sing for an unnamed band, at which time she met Bes Eiredt, a young, aspiring producer. The two hit it off immediately and began sharing their stories and music ambitions. On July 15, 2014, VEiiLA was born.

The duo immediately delved into Saint Petersburg’s active and eclectic music scene, playing a number of live shows across the city. It wasn’t until the fall that VEiiLA started to work on original music, and over the course of nearly six months they put together four original songs. The result is Chrysalis, their debut extended play.

The EP could be best described an electro-pop/electro-rock but it is much more than that. The album incorporates orchestral elements to create a cinematic sound, such as on the opening single “One”. The driving “Walking” is a club-oriented, electronic track that is dark and haunting. “Nothing I Can Do” is an anthemic electro-pop song with a wildly infectious chorus and beat. The EP’s closer, “Animal”, which was also VEiiLA‘s first single, mixes deep rock rhythms and electro-pop grooves to create another cinematic and seismic single.

Their approach is akin to Crystal Castles and HEALTH, two bands who have been able to integrate a number of different genres into their electronic and synth-driven music. If VEiiLA continue on the path of creating innovative and exciting music, they could soon be mentioned in the same breath as these two great acts.

Chrysalis is below in its entirety. Read VEiiLA‘s commentary about each track below.

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CHRYSALIS – Tracklisting Commentary by VEiiLA

We’ve been working on this record from the fall 2014 to spring 2015. In that time, we didn’t play any gigs and almost didn’t have a life outside our home. Our goal was to capture and translate into sounds the idea of motion. Although we wanted everything to be neat and clean, we now admit that on the subconscious level we also wanted this music to be as loud and furious as possible. It’s correct to say that almost every instrument on this record was layered sometimes up to 30 times to get the extra power. There are also lots of samples that we recorded at the street or subway. We tried to make sound thick, loud and in-your-face but with a lot of stuff underneath the surface.

The first track in this EP is called “One”. It’s actually a love song. The love Vif sings about is something that certain people will be afraid of. This is that insane type of love that someone calls “addiction”. When you don’t need anything but to be together yet don’t have it, it feels like physical pain. It’s sick for somebody, but why would you care what they think if this is what you feel? It’s about all those weirdos who can’t find the place in society and create their personal world with their own measures. It’s about us.

The second one, “Walking”, is our favourite song for this moment. We just love walking in the streets. Sometimes we can walk up to 12 hours without stopping for miles and miles. Something interesting about the synth hook in this song: some people say they love the song for this hook while others say it’s scary and depressing. Somebody once called it “devil’s laughter”. For us, it’s a jolly song.

“Nothing I Can Do” lyrically is much deeper then it seems from first listen. We stuffed it with micro details and samples much more then all the other songs in order to provide the same complicated nature in the music as it is in the verses. People screaming in the street, musicians playing in the subway – it’s all hidden inside.

“Animal” was the first single from the EP. “Animal” is a rebel song. We all have something wild inside and sometimes we try to hide it. It’s all about releasing yourself. Stop pretending and be who you are! We had issues with society and we had the choice to act the way somebody expected from us or to be ourselves even though it’s a painful way. We chose the second and so this song appeared.

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