A Dyjecinski - I'm the WoodsWhen we first heard A. Dyjecinski‘s “I’m the Woods”, we were perplexed. The song is simple, stripped down, and minimalistic. It’s raw and gritty. Yet, we were drew in by the power and vulnerability of Dyjecinski’s voice and the haunting sound made by the slight twinging of the guitars and the quiet drumming. It was a song that we didn’t expect much, but it’s one we cannot stop playing.

“I’m the Woods” is reminiscent of the powerful restraint and brilliance shown by another Canadian band, Timber Timbre. The ability to make subtle music cinematic and engrossing is rare skill, and Dyjecinski demonstrates that in spades.

Dyjecinski is a member of London-based Dracula Legs, although he hails from the Great Lakes area of Canada (we assume somewhere around Sault Ste. Marie). While Dracula Legs are putting the final touches on a new album, Dyjecinski has also written and recorded his debut solo album. His individual project will be released via Label Fandango, which falls on Fierce Panda Records. The single officially drops July 24.

“I’m the Woods” anchors the June 26th Edition of the Weekend Showcase, a weekly playlist showcasing some of the best new artists and bands you ought to know.

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