Bentcousin and Guiville - SolidFor a few months now, London/Brighton-based band Bentcousin has teamed up with Paris-based producer Guiville on a few songs, such as “Golden”. Their latest collaboration sees them release a ’70s-inspired pop tune, “Solid”. It’s a cheery and even romantic song.

And unlike many collaborations involving a producer, the song respects the poppy and shimmering melodies of the original song. There aren’t any overdubs or massive beats. Instead, Guiville adds a bit of keys and synths to complement Bentcousin’s pop arrangements. It’s a great track.

We look forward the next collaboration among these talented artists. However, as we’ve told them in the past, they should just form a band together and release a full length. Maybe they’ll eventually buy into this idea.

Bentcousin are Pat, Whalesun, Benton, Dan and Matt. Guiville, well, he still remains a bit mysterious, and he’s an extremely gifted producer.

“Solid” is one of twenty-two songs playing on the June 26th Edition of the Weekend Showcase. Discover some new, emerging bands and hear their great new singles.


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