Boy Scout - Get Me ByBased out of London is Boy Scout, a duo that is creating moving and dreamy numbers. Despite just being the two of them, Boy Scout’s sound is expansive, multi-layered, and cinematic, recalling the excellence and imagination of Bon Iver. Boy Scout’s latest single, “Bitter Blue”, reveals their ability to create something ethereal and moving. Through the combination of haunting vocals, interspersing instruments, and a downtempo approach, the song is atmospheric and stunning, a song to escape one’s surroundings for a moment.

A couple of months ago, Boy Scout shared “Get Me By”. It’s a more stripped down yet groovier than “Bitter Blue”, but it retains the breathtaking nature of its predecessor. The single is below.

“Bitter Blue” is one of twenty-two songs playing on the June 26th Edition of the Weekend Showcase. Discover some new, emerging bands and hear their great new singles.

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