Glass Vaults - Sacred HeartFrom New Zealand’s capital city of Wellington comes electro-/dream-pop duo Glass Vaults. Comprised of Richard Larsen and Rowan Pierce, Glass Vaults have released several singles and an album, 2014’s Bright EP. Their sound is what you would expect to hear of a band from New Zealand – lush, vibrant, and utterly cool.

Their latest single, “Sacred Heart”, has a bit of a Polynesian flair giving the song more of a tropical than dreamy feel as well as some spice. While New Zealand is in the midst of its winter, the song is perfect for those who are now enjoying the fine summer months. Grab a drink, hold your loved one, and move to this groovy track.

As a bonus, below is Bright. The album is a compilation of atmospheric, almost ethereal songs. Hearing the album might leave the sense of weightlessness. It’s a stellar album that must be heard.

“Sacred Heart” is one of twenty-two singles playing on the June 26th Edition of the Weekend Showcase. Hear some great new music by bands from around the world.


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