Hilang Child - Endless StringThe music industry is littered with remarkable voices. However, there are only a handful of people that be anointed as having truly angelic or mesmerizing voices. Neko Case and Jim James come immediately to mind. Ed Riman, too, will soon be mentioned in the same breath as these two living legends.

Under the moniker Hilang Child, the London-based Riman has crafted ethereal music to match his sublime voice. His dream-folk approach is akin to Bon Iver, yet more vulnerable and startling due to its simplicity. Riman isn’t supported by a 9-member band like Justin Vernon is. Instead, often, it’s just Riman at the piano and possibly accompanied by a drummer and a guitar player. “Endless String”, Hilang Child’s latest single, demonstrates the sheer power of Riman’s voice with the instrumentation acting as the canvas to support it. It’s a haunting and breathtaking song.

“Endless String” follows “Thule”, which was released in May. The song echoes of Fleet Foxes, and it is below. To hear more of Hilang Child’s music, visit his SoundCloud page. Check Akira Records as well for news on any upcoming releases.

“Endless String” is one of twenty-two songs playing on the June 26th Edition of the Weekend Showcase. Discover some new, emerging bands and hear their great new singles.


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