Infinity Girl - FireheadAnother band from the New York City area is set to release a new album this summer. Indie rock quartet Infinity Girl will release Harm on August 28 via Topshelf Records. The first single from their sophomore full-length is “Firehead”, a midtempo, shoegaze-y, rock song. The track echoes of the ’90s with its melodic yet infectious style. It’s a song made for noodling your head and swaying side to side.

Infinity Girl’s previous effort saw the band lean more towards outright shoegaze and alternative pop. Just Like Lovers, which was released in 2013, had a laid back, summery tone with some songs ranging into dream pop. Their 2012 debut full-length, Stop Being on My Side, was a combination of full-blown shoegaze rock and noise pop where the fuzzy guitars were the stars of the albums. If “Firehead” is any indication of what Harm will be like, then fans should expect a tighter, clearer album but retaining the shoegaze-ness of their initial efforts. We’re all for that!

Infinity Girl are Nolan Eley, Kyle Oppenheimer, Sebastian Modak, and Mitchell Stewart. Hear their previous works on SoundCloud or listen and purchase on Bandcamp.

“Firehead” can be found the June 26th Edition of the Weekend Showcase, a weekly playlist that features new music from across the globe.

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