Joshua Zeke Thomas - BlacknessNot all children with famous mothers and fathers follow in the footsteps of their parents. For Joshua Zeke Thomas, the only thing that he adopted from his father, NBA legend Isiah Thomas, was his nickename – “Zeke”. Whereas his father moved with grace on the hardwood and made people awe at his ability to make shots from any spot on the floor (including behind the backboard), the younger Thomas provides the stimulus for people to move their bodies on the dance floor.

Zeke Thomas is a well-known DJ and producer in the New York City area, and he’s released several remixes and original tracks through collaborations with other musicians over the past two years. His latest project sees him teaming up with Public Enemy’s Chuck D and rapper Jasiri X on the civil rights anthem “Blackness”. It’s a different track – a combination of hip hop and electronic made to appeal to today’s younger generation while encouraging people to celebrate African American culture. It’s a really cool and innovative single and different from Thomas’ other releases, which tend to lean more towards house and club music, such as on “#ByeFelicia”.

Maybe Zeke Thomas doesn’t have the killer spin move his dad had, but he’s spinning vinyl to the delight of tens of thousands of people.

Hear “Blackness” and twenty-one songs on the June 26th Edition of the Weekend Showcase. Discover some new, emerging bands and hear their great new singles. The video for “Blackness” is also below.

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