Formed in the town of Totnes, which resides in the northwest corner of England, an unexpected gem has been discovered. Matthew and Me are a quintet that make fantastic alternative pop along the lines of Death for Cab. Their recent single even shares a similar title as the Seattle, Washington super-band. “Kitsune”, though, is more akin to the mid-career version of Death Cab, as Matthew and Me created a lush and stunning single. The single draws the listener in with Board’s soft vocals but then stuns with the collision of guitars before drawing back to its sombre mood.

In addition to Kitsune, Matthew and Me in 2014 released “Patterns”, which received heavy radio play in the UK. The single, which is below, is taut pop song. It’s not as dramatic as “Kitsune”, but instead “Patterns” builds slowly and finishes with blazing, shoegazing guitars.

Matthew and Me are Matthew Board, Grace Craigan, Andrew Hopper, Lucy Fawcett, and Sam Craigan. New music from the band is expected later in the year. In the meantime, check out “Kitsune” on the June 26th Edition of the Weekend Showcase, a weekly playlist featuring new music by emerging bands from around the world.


Matthew and Me - Kitsune

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