Mhoo - Us Against the WorldWe honestly don’t know too much about Mhoo other than the Norwegian quintet make some beautiful folk and Americana music. What we can gather is that the band was formed back in 2007 by Miriam Kjølen and Oda Dahl. Over the years, they would be joined by different musicians.

In 2011, they released their debut album, Talking In The Streets. That was followed by 2012’s Home Is Where You Are, which articulated Kjølen and Dahl’s journeys across the US. Mhoo released the album under their own label and toured extensively that summer in support of the new record. Tracks from this album can be found on Mhoo’s SoundCloud page.

Now, from what we can gather, they’ve signed on with Norwegian indie label Ramble On. The first release for the label is “Us Against the World”, which sees the band take on a more expansive sound. The song is more of a dream-folk / Americana tune with its fuller arrangements. However, the intimacy of Kjølen and Dahl’s songwriting and vocals remain, resulting in a truly gorgeous track.

We anticipate that Mhoo will be releasing a new album or more singles in the near future. Until then, continue to spin this stirring single. Or take a listen to the June 26th Edition of the Weekend Showcase, a weekly playlist that features new music from across the globe including Mhoo’s “Us Against the World”.

Mhoo are Miriam Kjølen (guitar, trumpet and vocals); Oda Dahl (guitar, harmonica and vocals); Per Kamfjord (double bass, drums); Line Berulfsen (violin, backing vocals); and Mari Berulfsen (violin and backing vocals).


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