Southes - TidalMore and more artists are emerging that meld electronic, ambient, and pop creating a glacial pop sound. Melbourne-based Lachie Anthony – a.k.a. Southes – is one the producers engaged in this genre. Last week, Southes released his debut EP, Tidal, which is an appropriate title. Despite its rather lithe tracklisting – just three songs – the record is expansive and beautiful. It does have a feel of an oceanic journey, stirring a wave of emotions from breathtaking to sheer delight. The best track on the EP is “Marea”. The uptempo pace and stuttering vocals create the sense of a trip down raging rapids or confronting a storm in the open sea.


The other two songs on Tidal – “Water” and “Filling Your Cup” – are below.

You can also hear “Marea” on the June 26th Edition of the Weekend Showcase, a weekly playlist showcasing the music of under-the-radar bands from around the world. Take a Listen.


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