About a year ago, Steven A. Clark shared “Lonely Roller”, a stirring R&B single that recalled 90s star Henry Olusegun Adeola Samuel, who is better known as SEAL. Everything from the stylish sound to Clark’s vocals mirrored the British soul and R&B artist. Consequently, it created a swell of anticipation for what come next from the Fayetteville, North Carolina native.

This week, he shared “Not You”. The combination of soul and sultry R&B along with the pop undertones is reminiscent of Twin Shadow’s early work. It’s intimate and captivating. It’s endearing and honest. If people were won over by “Lonely Roller”, they’ll be bowled over by “Not You”.

“Not You” is the latest single from Steven A. Clark’s forthcoming new album, Lonely Roller. The record will be released on September 18th via Secretly Canadian, and it will likely be among the most anticipated of the late summer/early fall season.

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Steven A Clark - Not You

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